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I work with people from across the United States to help them discover their true identity, to heal past and current wounds, and to understand what Spirit has planned for them. Here’s what clients say about my services. Please take time to leave a testimonial if I’ve helped you. With guidance and understanding we can all lead life with purpose and for the highest good.

Thank you.

~ Kristine Scott

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“I want to recommend Kristine of Your True Identity. She is a NLP Certified Life Coach that was recommended to me by a friend. This was a transformational experience for me. The process of being coached allowed me to be curious and question all aspects of my life. During this time I gained tremendous insight into what is most important to me and what values I hold dear and want to retain. I found freedom in letting go concepts and values that no longer serve me. I realized that many of these beliefs were based on someone else’s life experiences and not mine. Kristine believed 100% in my ability to create and design a life of my own choosing. Her strength and support carried me when I doubted myself and abilities. She intuitively knew when I needed time to reflect and celebrated each revelation with me. I found her coaching to be an incredible and priceless investment in myself. From this experience I found clarity and purpose in my life. I am now receiving a grant from my community that will allow me to do the work I am passionate about. I have no doubt that Kristine will continue to be a source of strength and enlightenment with her clients and the community at large.”     ~ Loreto, San Francisco, California

“Dear Kristine, I want to update you on my progress since we finished coaching. My whole life is brighter and fuller. I have left the corporate world and now am living my dream as a leader of a non-profit group. As you recall this is something we worked on together. Once I was clear on what I desired, the change was effortless. You told me that I would not believe how different my life would be from our first session until now. You are right. I am the same person, but everything is bigger and fuller and more REAL! In being honest with myself my relationships with my husband and children has grown. I have been married almost 40 years and did not think this was possible. Thank you again Kristine. You have helped me transfer a nice comfortable life into an exciting and vibrant one!”  ~ Susanna M.

“Kristine has helped me so much as my spiritual coach. I was going through some difficult transitions and our sessions provided me the boost of courage I needed to move ahead with ease and faith. I don’t know how to explain it clearly. Sign up for a session and see for yourself. Kristine does her work with so much caring and love! I will contact her again as my life changes. Thank you so much.”     ~ Beth B.

“Kristine, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me, my family and my friends. My life has changed dramatically (towards my soul purpose) and you played a major role in getting me where I am today. I am grateful that you continue with your work.”   ~Janice H.

“Thank you for your honest and intuitive perspective. I will work toward more peace and joy!!”     ~ Heidi B.

“As always, Kristine hits the nail on the head!! I am so thankful to have her as a resource and cheerleader when I have questions or need guidance. A session with her feel likes a comfy conversation with a great friend and always ends with a hug and resolution! Thank you, Kristine, for being YOU!”     ~Cindy C.

“I have met with Kristine twice – I had such a positive experience both times. Her insights have greatly helped me in understanding circumstances going on in my world. She has also helped me to understand and accept myself a little more too. What is amazing to me is that a lot of what she told me after our first meeting came to fruition. Kristine is truly gifted and I thank her for lifting my spirits and putting my heart at ease. I highly recommend a meeting with Kristine if it is on your heart and mind to do so. You will be so happy you did.”     ~Erin B.

“Kristine, Thank you so much. I am still digesting everything but know that I left with a huge sense of PEACE (in my heart) and feeling utter FREEDOM! It is beyond amazing…that made my day.”

Kristine Interview with CUTV News Radio Media Personality Doug Llewelyn

Kristine Scott Interview with CUTV News Radio host Doug Llewelyn


Our struggles in life are often the result of not being who we truly are. With guidance and understanding everyone can discover their true identity and lead a life of purpose for the highest good of all.

Kristine Scott is a multi-dimensional intuitive guide and healer and the founder of Intuitive Connections. She works with individuals who want to understand their experiences, and invite joy into their lives through compassion for self and others.

“Intuitive means that I connect to something outside of myself, whether it’s my higher source or many higher sources, including angels, ascended masters and those souls who have crossed over,” says Kristine. “I work with a client’s spirit to provide information that will bring clarity and understanding to their life and relationships.”

Although Kristine always knew she was a gifted and natural born psychic, it took a major life event for her to passionately claim these abilities to heal herself and help others on their spiritual paths. In 2009, Kristine was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer.

Looking back on the experience, Kristine says she now realizes her illness was a course correction from Spirit and a blessing in disguise. Kristine recognized that her abilities were tools given to her to complete her soul’s purpose.

“I’m most proud that fear did not own me,” says Scott. “Being true to myself creates joy every day. This is my life’s work and my soul’s purpose. This joy and acceptance of self is possible for each and every client I see.”


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