Kristine and her spiritual guides connect with you and your guidance in order to offer clear and helpful insight. She sees, hears and feels information and is able to connect at many different levels. As a medium Kristine connects with loved ones who have passed on. This session offers you the opportunity to “be with” your loved one again. This can be a very powerful experience and a significant healing for those involved.

  • Intuitive PSYCHIC/MEDIUM When you book a Psychic/Medium session with Kristine you can expect clear and accurate answers to your questions. A reading may start with specific questions you have but will ultimately progress to what is most important for you to hear at this time. Kristine connects with your heart and soul helping you gain clarity, insight and understanding to your past, present and or future. This can encompass relationships, career, soul’s mission and life purpose.
  • SPIRITUAL ENERGY HEALER Kristine believes that the Soul – our Spiritual Body, leads the Physical Body. Your physical body, emotions, intelligence, and Soul are all one. When one or more of these are not in harmony, in balance, or fully acknowledged, pain, disease and distress occur. During a healing session all aspects of your person are addressed. Understanding and clearing of the emotional and spiritual discord accompanies the physical healing process. Working with Divine Healing Energy of The Universe, Kristine will utilize many different healing modalities. Kristine intuitively is given guidance on the specific technique that will provide the greatest healing during your time together. Kristine uses a variety of healing techniques to return the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies to their natural state of grace. Everything in the Universe is Energy. It can neither be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed.
  • All sessions are $150/60 min /strong>


    In her role as a Medium Kristine communicates with souls who have left their physical body and wish to be heard. This special time allows those still here to receive a healing as their questions and concerns are addressed. Receiving confirmation that our spirit is forever and our soul lives on encourages your own growth and understanding.

    Since childhood Kristine has also spontaneously seen, felt and heard information about other people. She has acknowledged this skill and offers insight and guidance that will be of great benefit and in your best interest. All knowledge is shared with grace and love.

    3 hours / $500


    Monthly Session with bi-weekly 10 min phone check in

    3 months-$440
    6 months -$775
    9 months -$1150


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    Feel Free to Contact Me

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