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KRISTINE SCOTT is a gifted and natural born psychic. Although Kristine always knew this, it took a major life event for her to passionately claim these abilities to heal herself and begin helping others along their spiritual and healing path.

In 2009, Kristine was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. As she found the tumor, she heard loud and clear; “Are you going to do what you agreed you would do in this lifetime, or are you checking out? THIS IS SERIOUS, YOU DECIDE NOW.” She realized very quickly that these abilities were the tools “The Divine” gave her to continue and complete her souls purpose. Her heart’s desire is to live life with purpose, clarity and awareness.

Kristine took the time to heal and as she did she quickly embraced all her gifts. She now realizes that her illness was a course correction from Spirit and was a blessing in disguise. It was a wake-up call and a second chance to claim her lifes work. Kristine has dedicated her life to working with others who are looking for healing, clarity and direction and possibly experiencing similar course corrections. With guidance the outcome is peace, comfort and understanding – heartache can be transformed into hope.

As a child Kristine thought it was normal to see, hear and feel things that were not physically present. She believed that everyone “knew” on some level things that were not verbalized or about to happen. As early as elementary school she realized she was not the same as everyone else, although it was hard to understand why.

By the time Kristine was a teenager her mother had claimed her own psychic abilities and was a well known psychic and spiritual teacher on a national level. Kristine accompanied her mother to numerous publically aired TV and radio shows and was aware of her mothers notarity but did not realize at the time she would follow in her mothers footsteps.

Ironically Kristine and her mother both experienced similar illnesses at the exact same time. At the end of her treatments Kristine started her new spiritual life here on earth, the next month her mother completed her work on earth and passed on. Kristine had work to do and her mother had fulfilled her agreement with SPIRIT.

Spirit has plans for us all. With guidance and understanding we can all lead life with purpose and for the highest good. Kristine continues with what is hoped to be a long life of learning and growth

Kristine Radio Interview with Doug Llewelyn

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